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Here are some older examples of my work...  
More examples can be seen on my facebook page.


Glass Products and Design:
McStool Comedy Phone Replica Rubicon Aboriginal Music Awards Allied Verenex Wine Centrepiece
A sampling of my favorite pieces. Two of the pieces shown here have been awarded on televised events!
More of my glass design work can be found through these links here and here.

Glass Products and Design:
Yum! Sens... Sandwich Bus Life is a highway! Fun & Games... Fries with that? Safety First
Some 2D replications of 3D concepts and other interesting pieces.

Illustrations: Finished Pieces
Self Portrait Raster to Vector It was him... Render Carousel Prime No Pickles... Megatron
A range of finished drawings covering various styles.
The finish product of the Vault design can now be seen here.

Sketches: Unfinished Work/Concepts
Falcon 1 Falcon 2 Hands X-Ray Hand Master Tigger Barbarian Taz Ka-Chow! Sheepman...
Some of this was never meant to be finished, but had to be shown.

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