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My story so far...  


My story so far:

For those not interested in a detailed resume, I will give you the basics. I grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario. That’s the Niagara Region of southern Ontario. To answer a question I used to get a lot: No I did not go to The Falls very often, but yes it is pretty. Funny, I wonder if that’s true of most who live near tourist destinations like that? Now, after 5 years in Elliot Lake, I live in Midland. I have kept the same job for more than 10 years now with more than the last 5 working remotely from my home. Now to answer another very common question I get: No, I do not find it difficult to "work" everyday. If you need an employer watching over you to remain motivated to do your job, this life is not for you. Personally, I love it!

I started drawing when I was about 12. I was inspired by a friend at that time and knew, even then, that I wanted to do this for a living. I practiced at many different forms of art from that point on, both on my own and by taking as many courses as I could in school at that time. I then went to Niagara College to secure my diploma. My favourite creative outlets are drawing, writing, acting, and sculpting. Though, I do not get to do the latter two much anymore. I will have to pick them up again someday. I have never been able to paint. I just cannot get used to controlling the brush.

These days, I am trying to get in more traditional drawing. This is probably the biggest reason for this site. Something for me to maintain and keep me motivated. This is not to say I do not draw much. I draw literally everyday for my job and it is often a ton of fun. The best way I can describe what I do now is that I play with Lego's all day. I create sculptures and recreations of everyday/unique objects. Take a look at my ART section to see what I mean. Despite this “fun” though, it is all done digitally and I just do not put a pencil to paper as much as I like any more. My goal is to change this!

On a personal note, the vast majority of my spare time (spare time?) is spent with my amazing wife, (who I just celebrated 10 years with!) and my beautiful, hyper-intelligent daughter. Seriously, I have no idea how we will keep up with her as she gets older. Just have to keep her morals up so she does not become an evil genius. Whenever I can, I enjoy a good video game and I love movies. I also read a ton, but these days it is all digital. When I want to know something, I google it. Where would we be without google?

Some interesting historical events in my life (not in chronological order):

• In 2010 I ran for a seat on my local town council. I did not win, but it was an interesting experience non-the-less. You can follow some of it here:

• In my OAC year of high school I wrote, directed and acted in an award winning one- act play. I may post that on the front page one day.

• I won the "art honors" award in high school.

• I organized a team and negotiated the terms between the students and administration for keeping our facilities/program functioning in my last year of college.

Well, I think I have rambled enough here, if you want to know more, please drop me a line by email or on one of “them, thar so-seal neat work thangs!”

Thanks for reading!

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